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Come As You Are

Based on a hit Belgian film, Richard Wong's heartfelt charmer Come as You Are is that rarest of remakes, a film actually improves upon its predecessor. Inspired by a true story, three young men with disabilities (Grant Rosenmeyer, Hayden Szeto, Ravi Patel—Ravi of TCFF 2014's Meet the Patels fame) abscond from their overbearing and overprotective families to embark on a road trip to a brothel in Montreal that caters to people with special needs. Joining the trip is Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) as their nurse driver, who enables them to get a much needed taste of independence as their adventure takes some hilarious and poignant turns. A crowdpleasing buddy caper with lots of heart, this wonderfully compassionate dramedy travels refreshing new ground reminding us of the love we all need to get by. In Person: Dir. Richard Wong, Actor Grant Rosenmeyer.
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Ernie & Joe

A graceful and empathetic look at a new kind of police force, Ernie & Joe is a moving portrait of two Texas police officers who are helping change the way police respond to mental health calls. The film takes audiences on a personal journey, braiding together experiences during Ernie and Joe's daily encounters with people in crisis. These are not your everyday cops; dressed in polos and jeans, brandishing no weapons, they sit down with distraught and potentially violent people to talk. They listen. They take their time. Ernie and Joe are doing the work and walking the walk. Amid heightened scrutiny of police-community relations, and deepening understanding of mental health issues, Jenifer McShane's doc offers proof of an enlightened way forward and is testament to the profound impact of this unique approach. In Person: Director Jenifer McShane, Ernie Stevens and Joe Smarro.
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