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Film School | Anatomy of a Short

Be it fiction, documentary, or the completely bizarre, TCFF always showcases the best and most exciting in the world of short films. But what exactly makes a short film compelling? Why do some shorts resonate with an audience while others fall flat? Whether you are interested in writing or producing your own short, or you’re just a big fan of the short form, this session will explore a variety of genres to get to the heart of what elements are essential to successful shorts.
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Film School | Ask the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office

Take it from our panel of experts: there’s no better place to make a film than right here in our beautiful state. Get the answers to some of the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office’s most frequently asked questions—like how to legally protect your idea, and how to put together a production team. Hear directly from filmmakers and professionals in the industry. Be sure to come with your own questions about the resources needed and available for getting your film made in Michigan at this interactive live streamed event.
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Film School | Behind the Scenes of U-M Film School

Discover the ways student actors in U-M’s famed 423 class (makers of the two shorts that premiere each year at the TCFF) take what they’ve learned and translate it into careers in film and TV. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the exciting world of character creation for the camera. What skills did they learn and what’s the life of the working actor really like? U-M alums Jacqueline Toboni (who was plucked directly from 423 to star in “Grimm”) will be with us in person and Yuriy Sardarov of “Chicago Fire” will answer your questions via Skype.
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Film School | Filming on a Boat

It was so popular, we have to do it again! This year, TCFF Michigan Filmmaker of the Year award winner Rich Brauer (“Frozen Stupid,” “The Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island”) will treat you to an instructive trip on the Madeline for an intensive on location film class adventure. Set sail on Grand Traverse Bay, and gain hands-on experience as Brauer shows you the ropes of filming in challenging environments. This session will be cancelled only in the event of high winds or lightning; rain and cold will not deter us. This special film school class is $20 and departs from the Discovery Center Pier in Greilickville.
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Film School | Finding Money to Make Films

George Foster Peabody Award-winning filmmakers Carleen L. Hsu and John Valadez have lots of practice writing grants for nonprofit organizations. Often the acceptance rate of proposals at these agencies is 5% or less. How can you make it into the top-tier of filmmakers who receive funding? And, where can we look for funding as federal pools of support dry up? Find out about grassroots funding opportunities and more in this informative session.
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Film School | Get Your Start in Public Access TV

Looking for a new platform to showcase your creativity and filmmaking skills? Air it on UpNorth TV, the region’s only public-and-government-access television station and online video streaming source. Using state-of-the-art technology, UpNorth will teach you how to use video and other media to celebrate local culture, share community information, and provide educational content for the world to see. Once complete, you’ll be a certified UpNorth TV producer and can submit content that airs in homes across 10 Northern Michigan counties, and online at
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Film School | Lighting for Film and Video on a Budget

This course will present video and film lighting techniques and introduce budget-conscious, effective instruments for film and television lighting. The aesthetics of lighting will also be discussed alongside a wide range of contemporary examples. Enhance the light while embracing the shadows—the art of cinema is the art of light.
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Film School | Make it Weird: Experimental Audio for Video

What happens when you blur the lines between Foley arts and film scores? How do sonic artists tweak and craft sounds to heighten the emotional core of a scene or bolster alien and unique settings? Learn how to use common audio editing tools to stretch your aural skills and add more layers of meaning to your sound designs. This workshop will look at several digital audio workstation tricks to expand your sonic palette and create truly memorable sounds for your next project.
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Film School | Mobile Documentary Filmmaking

An unprecedented number of citizen journalists are documenting brutality and holding the powerful to account using the extraordinary filmmaking tools that most of us carry around in our pockets. But how can we thoughtfully wield these tools while paying attention to quality? How can we make cellphone footage look and sound professional? What kind of stories lend themselves best to mobile camera filming? This workshop focuses on techniques, tips, and tricks for beginning and experienced filmmakers interested in using mobile cameras.
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Film School | Sync Licensing for Film and TV

Ever wonder about that amazing song you heard in a movie, and how to get a great song like that for your film? Join our industry pros to gain some serious insight into the little understood and potentially lucrative aspects of sync licensing. Filmmakers and musicians alike will benefit as our panelists discuss performing rights organizations, copyright registration, royalty streams, license types, and much more as they dig into all aspects of music for film and TV.
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Film School | Where to Go From Here: Developing Your Movie

You have a terrific idea for a movie. Now what? Find out how to turn your great idea into a great screenplay, step by step. From FADE IN to FADE OUT, this is the process for writing a screenplay. Michigan-based Hollywood screenwriter Jim Burnstein (“Renaissance Man,” “D3: The Mighty Ducks”) will help you develop your movie kernel, and explain how you can take it all the way from idea to reality.
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Film School | Young Filmmakers Workshop: Claymation Animation

Animate your own clay creations and make a short film that will be shown on Saturday before the Kids Fest shorts program! Students will design and bring 3D claymation characters to life in this two-day workshop presented by Blackbird Arts. You can read more about their additional workshops—including off-site, two-day claymation animation camps for middle and high school students—at
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