Purgatorio: A Journey Into the Heart of the Border (Purgatorio: Viaje al corazón...
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Film Info
Release Year:2013
Runtime:80 min.
Type of Film:Feature Documentary
Production Country:Mexico
Original Language:English
Web Site:http://www.rrcinema.com/
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Rodrigo Reyes
Produced by:Rodrigo Reyes
Screenwriter:Hugo Perez
Rodrigo Reyes
Cinematography:Justin Chin
Editing By:Manuel Tsingaris
Music By:Rodrigo Cordera
Winner of the Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary at this year’s Ann Arbor Film Festival, “Purgatorio” captures the brutal beauty of the border and the people caught in its spell, presenting a stunning mosaic of compelling characters and broken landscapes. Rodrigo Reyes’ eye-opening documentary offers a thoughtful portrait of the US-Mexico border with coroners, dog-catchers, police, border-crossers, and others on both sides, tying disparate stories together through stunning imagery that depicts the border as an almost mythic place. Concerned mainly with the human implications of defining and enforcing a line between two nations, “Purgatorio” is a searing, horrifying, at times starkly haunting, and dream-like documentary that reimagines the border as a surreal place where spellbound residents are stuck between perception and reality.