Please Vote for Me with West Bank Story

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The Buzz Wed, Jul 30, 2014 12:00 PM
Sponsored by: Dr. Debra E Lewis and Kevin Nagy
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Section:Free Movies at The Buzz
Runtime:Program length: 79 min.


We’re bringing back one representative movie from each of our past nine years to give you another chance to see some of the movies that make the Traverse City Film Festival what it is-a celebration of Just Great Movies.

Please Vote for Me
Weijun Chen | China, Denmark, South Africa | 2007 | 58 min. A charming look at contemporary Chinese culture through the lens of a third-grade classroom, “Please Vote for Me” follows a small-scale experiment with democracy in the world’s largest Communist country. Three candidates (all of them eight years old) run for the position of Class Monitor and learn what it takes to run a successful campaign.

West Bank Story
Ari Sandel | USA | 2005 | 21 min. Highlighted by terrific musical numbers (including a parody of the finger-snapping gangs in “West Side Story”),this wacky musical comedy tells the story of forbidden love between an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian woman. Their romantic interests are blocked by their families, who own rival fast food restaurants (Hummus Hut and Kosher King) and are constantly at odds.

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Please Vote for Me (58min) More
West Bank Story (21min) More