Mission Blue
Milliken at the Dennos MuseumFri, Aug 1, 2014 6:00 PM
Sposored by: Pat Sharpnack & Marilyn Baker
Not Available  
Lars Hockstad AuditoriumSun, Aug 3, 2014 3:30 PM
Sponsored by: Max & Mary Wendell
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Film Info
Release Year:2014
Runtime:95 min.
Type of Film:Feature Documentary
Premiere Status:Midwest Premiere
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Web Site:http://mission-blue.org/mission-blue-film/
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:James Cameron
Michael deGruy
Sylvia Earle
Bryce Groark
Jeremy Jackson
Carl Safina
Director:Robert Nixon
Fisher Stevens
Produced by:Erik H. Gordon Fisher Stevens Robert Nixon Jack Youngelson Peter R. Livingston Jr.
Screenwriter:Mark Monroe Jack Youngelson
Cinematography:Axel Baumann
Damien Drake
Bryce Groark
Editing By:Peter R. Livingston Jr.
Music By:Will Bates
Majestic underwater photography and an essential environmental message make this compelling portrait of a true American pioneer one of the most enlightening, stunning, and inspiring documentaries we’ve seen this year. Dr. Sylvia Earle is a living legend; as an oceanographer, explorer, and eco-activist, she broke barriers as a scientist in a community that had a hard time seeing her as more than a pretty girl in a swim suit. Feeling most at home underwater, Earle’s exuberant exploration of the deep seas has led to unprecedented discoveries. And now nearing 80 years old, with 7,000+ hours spent underwater, Earle is one of the foremost advocates for our imperiled oceans, whose poor conditions portend potentially disastrous implications for human life. Join Dr. Earle on her globetrotting mission to create “Hope Spots” protected from human interference, and her infectious passion will leap off the screen and into your heart.