Face to Face


The Buzz Sun, Aug 3, 2014 9:00 AM
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Richard and Betty Seid
Film Info
Section:Free Movies at The Buzz
Release Year:2011
Runtime:89 min.
Production Country:Australia
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Vince Colosimo
Luke Ford
Matthew Newton
Sigrid Thornton
Ra Chapman
Lauren Clair
Director:Michael Rymer
Produced by:Gabrielle Christopher
Leanne Hanley
Screenwriter:Michael Rymer
Cinematography:Dennys Ilic
Editing By:Sasha Dylan Bell
Music By:Richard Gibbs


We’re bringing back one representative movie from each of our past nine years to give you another chance to see some of the movies that make the Traverse City Film Festival what it is-a celebration of Just Great Movies.

Adapted from fellow Aussie David Williamson’s play of the same name, this smartly acted indie drama from director Michael Rymer (“Angel Baby”), who traveled from Australia to join us here in Traverse City, follows a group of 10 people in a “community conference” (an Australian conflict resolution technique) to determine the fate of Wayne, a violent youth who smashed his boss’ car in a fit of anger after being laid off. But the group, which includes some of Wayne’s coworkers, can’t agree on how to handle his case as each becomes increasingly complicit in the crime. Relying on strong performances from each member of its ensemble, this finely wrought, award-winning drama will draw you in like “12 Angry Men,” and will astonish most every American.