5 Broken Cameras


The Buzz Thu, Jul 31, 2014 12:00 PM
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Film Info
Section:Free Movies at The Buzz
Release Year:2011
Runtime:90 min.
Production Country:France
Occupied Palestinian Territory
Original Language:Arabic
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Emad Burnat
Soraya Burnat
Mohammed Burnat
Yasin Burnat
Taky-Adin Burnat
Gibreel Burnat
Director:Emad Burnat
Guy Davidi
Produced by:Emad Burnat
Guy Davidi
Serge Gordey
Christine Camdessus
Screenwriter:Emad Burnat
Guy Davidi
Cinematography:Emad Burnat
Editing By:Guy Davidi
Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot
Music By:Le Trio Joubran


We’re bringing back one representative movie from each of our past nine years to give you another chance to see some of the movies that make the Traverse City Film Festival what it is-a celebration of Just Great Movies.

We’ll never forget having Emad Burnat and his family here in Traverse City for sold-out screenings that helped launch the film’s successful run to an Oscar nomination bid. When Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat purchased a video camera to record the birth of his son Jibreel, the joyous family moment coincided with the invasion of Israeli bulldozers set to make way for Jewish colonists. Burnat joined in his town’s peaceful resistance against the advancing settlers, documenting his involvement with the five titular cameras that became casualties of the ongoing border conflict, smashed or shot over the course of five years of harrowing demonstrations. The resulting footage, which Burnat reconstructed collaboratively with Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi, presents a microcosm of an international tragedy reframed through the lenses of one family’s experience. A brilliant, wrenching, devastating film, not to be missed.