When Did Traverse City Become Aspen?


Clinch Park Wed, Jul 27, 2022 12:30 PM
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TC is not the only festival town whose idyllic location, top-notch culinary scene and amazing culture have led to higher demand for vacation homes and an unsustainable increase in the cost of living for the workers who make this place awesome. Join community leaders in a conversation about how the widening inequality gap affects service workers, and how we can be sure Traverse City stays a vibrant place for businesses, their staff and all our (very welcome!) visitors throughout the year.

A conversation with Abigail Disney (The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales), David Siev & Jaclyn Siev (Bad Axe), Yarrow Brown (Housing North) and Scott Newman-Bale (Short's Brewing Co). Moderated by Seth Johnson (United Way).