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Film Info
Section:Native American Matinee
Release Year:2013
Runtime:103 min.
Type of Film:Feature Narrative
Production Country:Canada
Original Language:Inuktitut
Web Site:
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Graham Greene
Eric Schweig
Tantoo Cardinal
Roseanne Supernault
Natar Ungalaaq
Lucy Tulugarjuk
Director:Michel Poulette
Produced by:Yves Fortin
Karine Martin
Screenwriter:Pierre Billon
Cinematography:Allen Smith
Editing By:Denis Papillon
Music By:Michel Cusson
Kim Gaboury


Six centuries ago, a girl named Maïna-daughter of the clan leader of the Presque Loups-embarked on a mission that would change her life. After a violent confrontation between her clan and the “Men from the Land of Ice,” the young son of Maïna’s fellow tribesman is captured and taken to the frozen north. She sets out on the trail of her enemies to recover him, until she is taken prisoner herself by the Inuit clan leader Natak, and is taken on a perilous journey to her captor’s homeland where she must discover her inner strength in order to survive. In Person: Director Michel Poulette and actress Roseanne Supernault.

North American Premiere