The World is Ours (El mundo es nuestro)
Lars Hockstad AuditoriumSat, Jul 27, 2013 3:00 PM Not Available  
Lars Hockstad AuditoriumSat, Jul 27, 2013 9:00 PM Stand By Line Only  
Film Info
Section:Friends Only Screenings
Release Year:2012
Runtime:84 min.
Type of Film:Feature Narrative
Production Country:Spain
Original Language:Spanish
Web Site:
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:María Cabrera
Estrella Corrientes
Antonio Dechent
Sergio Domínguez
Pepa Díaz Meco
Antonia Gómez
Director:Alfonso Sánchez
Produced by:Alfonso Sánchez
Álvaro Alonso
Screenwriter:Diane Bardinet
Alfonso Sánchez
Cinematography:Daniel Mauri
Editing By:Carlos Crespo
Music By:Maravilla Gypsy Band
You may sense something is different about this laugh-out-loud Spanish caper comedy: maybe it’s the spot-on satire of the economic situation in Spain, or perhaps it’s how fresh and goofy the characters are; but the main difference is that this film doesn’t have that cookie-cutter, sequel/remake/retread quality of American comedies that get a few cheap laughs at the expense of your intelligence. This silly and over-the-top comedy follows two bumbling hoodlums trapped at the bank they meant to rob when an unemployed man arrives with explosives, looking to make a political statement by blowing himself up-along with everyone inside the bank. A great look at the collapse of Spanish society, this is a comedy not to miss.