The Human Scale


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Film Info
Release Year:2012
Runtime:83 min.
Production Country:Denmark
Original Language:English
Web Site:
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Jan Gehl
He Dongquan
Robert Doyle
Lars Gemzøe
Mark Gorton
Iqbal Habib
Director:Andreas Møl Dalsgaard
Produced by:Signe Byrge Sørensen
Screenwriter:Andreas Møl Dalsgaard
Cinematography:Manuel Alberto Claro
Heikki Färm
Casper Høyberg
Adam Philp
René Strandbygaard
Editing By:Søren B. Ebbe
Nicolas Servide Staffolani
Music By:Kristian Eidnes Andersen (Composer)


In a world where half of the population lives in cities-a figure that some estimate will increase to 80% in the next 40 years- how should our urban areas be structured? Following the work of Danish architect Jan Gehl, who has studied human behavior in cities for the past 40 years, this thought-provoking documentary examines life in some of the fastest-growing cities around the globe to make a case for urban planning that prioritizes people over cars. “The Human Scale” is a beautiful and haunting look at the impending issue of overpopulation, offering an alternative to a future of corporate-backed megacities.