Great Lakes, Great Shorts

125 min.
  • 40 Minutes Over Maui
  • Birds of Detroit
  • Camp Alec
  • Detroit Hives
  • Mrs. Saltzman Goes to Jail
  • Painting the Town - The Street Art of Detroit
  • The Sinkhole
  • Youth in Dearborn


Central High School Auditorium Sat, Aug 3, 2019 12:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Shorts Program
Runtime:125 min.


Featuring films made in Michigan or by Michiganders, this program lets us see our state through different eyes and highlights the experiences of those living around us. Discover Detroit’s surging street art and graffiti movement in Painting the Town - the Street Art of Detroit. In Detroit Hives, a young couple from East Detroit are working hard to bring diversity to the field of beekeeping. Travel to Lansing to learn about the world's first automobile manufacturing plant in RE Olds and the First Auto City. The Sinkhole explores one man's experience in immigration detention. Birds of Detroit is an abstract look at some of the most beautiful wildlife in Detroit. Visit Camp Alec, a summer getaway designed for kids who use alternative and augmented means of communication. In Youth in Dearborn two athletes are paving the way for Arab-American athletes. And finally, Mrs. Saltzman Goes To Jail tells the absurd story of a grandma who was arrested for marijuana possession because her medical marijuana card expired. 

Included Shorts

Painting the Town - The Street Art of Detroit (17min) 2018 | USA | 17 min. More
Mrs. Saltzman Goes to Jail (6min) 2019 | USA | 6 min. More
Detroit Hives (5min) 2018 | USA | 5 min. More
RE Olds and the First Auto City (30min) 2018 | USA | 30 min. More
The Sinkhole (15min) 2018 | USA | 15 min. More
Birds of Detroit (11min) 2019 | USA | 11 min. More
Youth in Dearborn (10min) 2019 | USA | 10 min. More
40 Minutes Over Maui (13min) 2019 | USA | NR | 13 min. More
Camp Alec (13min) 2018 | USA | 13 min. More