The Wretched

2019 | USA | NR | 95 min.


State Theatre Sat, Aug 3, 2019 11:59 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2019
Runtime:95 min.
Premiere Status:US Premiere
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Brett Pierce
Drew T. Pierce
Produced by:Ed Polgardy
Chang Tseng
Screenwriter:Brett Pierce
Drew T. Pierce
Cinematography:Conor Murphy
Editing By:Terry Yates
Cast:Azie Tesfai
Piper Curda
Kevin Bigley
Zarah Mahler


Filmmaking brothers Brett and Drew Pierce return to the festival (their last film, Deadheads, was a TCFF sellout sensation) with their latest macabre occult thrill ride. Shot mostly in Northern Michigan and featuring many familiar locations such as the Sunset Lodge in Omena and the G. Marsten Dame Marina in Northport, The Wretched tells the story of a teenager who discovers that he’s living next door to a thousand-year-old witch. The film is a dead serious new spin on witchcraft cinema, with a fresh set of rules, relatable teen characters, surprising scares, comic touches, and a cauldron of gruesomely imaginative special effects makeup. Starring John-Paul Howard (Hell or High Water), Piper Curda (Disney Channel’s I Didn't Do It), and Azie Tesfai (Jane the Virgin), don't miss this premier midnight event! In Person: Directors Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce.