The Silent Revolution (Das schweigende Klassenzimmer)

2018 | Germany | NR | 111 min.


Milliken at the Dennos Museum Wed, Jul 31, 2019 9:00 AM
City Opera House Sun, Aug 4, 2019 12:00 PM
Film Info
Youth Uprising
Release Year:2018
Runtime:111 min.
Premiere Status:Midwest Premiere
Production Country:Germany
Original Language:German
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Lars Kraume
Produced by:Miriam Düssel
Susanne Freyer
Kallie Friz
Isabel Hund
Thomas Kufus
Screenwriter:Lars Kraume
Cinematography:Jens Harant
Editing By:Barbara Gies
Cast:Leonard Scheicher
Tom Gramenz
Lena Klenke
Isaiah Michalski


In 1956, before the Berlin Wall was built, and passage between East and West Germany was less restrictive, two East Berlin teens decide to catch a movie on the other side of the city. When they see a western newsreel that has a decidedly different take on the Hungarian Revolution than the coverage on their state-sanctioned news agencies, it leads them to organize a moment of silence among their classmates as a tribute to those brutally put down by the Soviet regime. What they couldn’t know though was this act of teenage defiance has far-reaching consequences both inside and outside their classroom, empowering and endangering nearly everyone they know. Based on true events, this powerful film helps explain how every act (especially in a totalitarian society) is an inherently political one. And that courage is perhaps the greatest lesson of all.