Shorts and Sweet

104 min.
  • 40 Minutes Over Maui 40 Minutes Over Maui
  • Bodega Bodega
  • In Full Bloom In Full Bloom
  • Little Grey Bubbles Little Grey Bubbles
  • Little Waves Little Waves
  • Manila is Full of Men Named Boy Manila is Full of Men Named Boy
  • Stepdaddy Stepdaddy
  • Westfalia Westfalia


Bijou by the Bay Thu, Aug 1, 2019 3:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Shorts Program
Runtime:104 min.


This bundle of fun narrative shorts is overflowing with charm, sincerity, and personality, and it offers empathetic and relatable stories with which we can all identify as humans living in this crazy world. On January 13, 2018, middle aged couple Larry and Penny are enjoying a relaxing vacation in Hawaii when their phones light up with a potentially world-ending message in 40 Minutes Over Maui. Amelie feels out of place when her favorite cousins brings a lover to their family reunion for the first time in Little Waves. Little Grey Bubbles offers a poignant interpretation of internet friendships, when Kim attends the funeral of her best friend Marlon—a man she’s never met. Revel in some drunken family drama in Stepdaddy. And in Westfalia, a couple embarks on an epic road trip in an attempt to gain more followers after their Instagram rivals' fame explodes overnight.

Included Shorts

40 Minutes Over Maui (13min) 2019 | USA | NR | 13 min. More
Little Waves (12min) 2019 | Canada | 12 min. More
In Full Bloom (10min) 2019 | USA | 10 min. More
Little Grey Bubbles (14min) 2019 | USA | 14 min. More
Manila is Full of Men Named Boy (21min) 2019 | USA | 21 min. More
Stepdaddy (7min) 2019 | USA | 7 min. More
Bodega (12min) 2019 | USA | 12 min. More
Westfalia (15min) 2019 | USA | 15 min. More