Mothers' Instinct (Duelles)

2018 | Belgium, France | R | 97 min.
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Milliken at the Dennos Museum Wed, Jul 31, 2019 9:00 PM
City Opera House Sun, Aug 4, 2019 6:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2018
Runtime:97 min.
Production Country:Belgium
Original Language:French
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Olivier Masset-Depasse
Produced by:Jacques-Henri Bronckart
Olivier Bronckart
Carole Scotta
Barbara Letellier
Simon Arnal
Caroline Benjo
Bart Van Langerdonck
Screenwriter:Olivier Masset-Depasse
Giordano Gederlini
Francois Verjans
Cinematography:Hichame Alouie
Editing By:Damien Keyeux
Cast:Veerie Baetens
Anne Coesens
Mehdi Nebbou
Arieh Worthalter


This taut psychological drama steeped in the lush 1960s world of suburbia delivers a refreshing new twist on the Hitchcockian-style thriller. Alice and Celine aren’t just neighbors: they’re best friends, sharing their joys and sorrows as well as a lovely villa that’s been turned into a duplex. Their lives are inseparable and perfect: their hard-working husbands get along swimmingly and even their little boys are best friends. But when tragedy befalls one of the children, the notion of love thy neighbor as thyself gets put to a grim test, as paranoia and guilt threatens both families. With exquisite production design, gorgeous costumes, and impeccable casting, this electrifying exploration of motherhood and friendship will have you on the edge of your seat, and possibly side-eyeing your neighbor.