Shorts by MSU Students

67 min.


Old Town Playhouse Sat, Aug 4, 2018 12:00 PM
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Section:Shorts Programs
Student Screenings
Runtime:67 min.
Production Country:NR


Michigan State’s talented student filmmakers return to TCFF with eight fantastic shorts. In Kyle Brow’s Anya's Greencard, Bobby moves to India to work in a tech company where he experiences reverse brain-drain. Detritus, by Tyler Vetier, follows a mysterious forest man running for his life, only to be caught in an ongoing cycle of violence. Over a single night, a young man finds connections with people whose lives are as complex as his own in Carlos Mario Mendoza’s SONDER. In his timely and relatable film Almost Human, Ian Hall tells the story of technophobe, Vincent, who struggles to connect with two women dependent on their cellphones. Created by Bradley Coster as a pilot for a web-series, in Rebel Rebel Ep. 1, a lonely geek nostalgic for the 80s uses a night out as a means for music, escapism, and violence. Juice, by Zoe Kissel, is a short neo-noir science fiction film following a young addict’s growing withdrawal and the fatal decision she makes to get high once more. And in All Over (Again), by Bradley Coster, a hopeless romantic gets lost in her eccentric aspirations. IN PERSON: MSU Student Filmmakers. This program is free.

Included Shorts

All Over (Again) (2min) 2 min. More
Almost Human (7min) 7 min. More
Anya's Greencard (14min) 2018 | USA | 14 min. More
Detritus (3min) 3 min. More
The House We Lived In (18min) 2018 | USA | 18 min. More
Juice (11min) 2018 | USA | 11 min. More
Rebel Rebel Episode 1 (6min) 6 min. More
Sonder (8min) 8 min. More