Let the Sunshine In (Un beau soleil intérieur)

2017 | France, Belgium | NR | 94 min.


State Theatre Sat, Aug 4, 2018 9:00 AM
Film Info
Section:Foreign Fiction
Release Year:2017
Runtime:94 min.
Premiere Status:Northern Michigan Premiere
Production Country:France
Original Language:French
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Claire Denis
Produced by:Oliver Delbosc
Screenwriter:Christine Agnot
Claire Denis
Cinematography:Agnès Godard
Editing By:Guy Lecome
Cast:Juliette Binoche
Xavier Beauvois
Gérard Depardieu
Alex Descas


Juliette Binoche reunites with Claire Denis (Beau Travail) for a low-key Parisian romantic comedy. Need we say more? OK, maybe a little. Binoche radiantly portrays the recently divorced painter, Isabelle, who finds herself asking the big questions: What do I want? What will make me happy? Is it the arrogant banker, the snobbish artist, the sexy actor, the elegant Marc, or the mysterious stranger? This sunny, funny portrayal of middle-aged love and sex is uplifting, sophisticated, and way too smart and nuanced to succumb to clichés. As Isabelle navigates through the complexities of sex and relationships, we get a thoroughly modern, thoroughly French take on feminism, love, and heartbreak in the 21st century. Oh, and Gérard Depardieu plays a fortune teller. Now there really is nothing left to say—except get your tickets.