Film School: U-M Pilot Production: Behind the Scenes

90 min.
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NMC Scholars Hall Thu, Aug 2, 2018 3:00 PM
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Section:Film School
Runtime:90 min.


Pamela Guest, Casting Director/Actor; Robert Rayher and Oliver Thornton, University of Michigan Screen Arts & Cultures Lecturers
Learn how U-M’s filmmakers and actors have turned their attention to the small screen. Having already produced television industry showrunners like Craig Silverstein (Nikita) and Beth Schwartz (Arrow), U-M’s Screen Arts and Cultures is teaching students how to break into TV by making a show of their own. Industry casting vet Pamela Guest (Blue Velvet) joins the instructors and students from U-M’s latest pilot production class to answer questions and give tips on what it takes to bring your own pilot to life, from staffing a Writer’s Room to guiding an original pilot through production and post-production.