The Captain (Der Hauptmann)

2017 | Germany, Poland, Portugal, France | NR | 120 min.


Milliken at the Dennos Museum Thu, Aug 2, 2018 9:00 AM
City Opera House Sun, Aug 5, 2018 3:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Foreign Fiction
Release Year:2017
Runtime:120 min.
Premiere Status:Midwest Premiere
Production Country:Germany
Original Language:German
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Robert Schwentke
Produced by:Frieder Schlaich
Irene von Alberti
Paulo Branco
Piotr Dzieciol
Ewa Puszczynska Lakowa
Screenwriter:Robert Schwentke
Cinematography:Florian Ballhaus
Editing By:Michal Czarnecki
Cast:Max Hubacher
Milan Peschel
Frederick Lau
Bernd Hölscher


They say the clothes make the man, but is that really true? An unlikely answer comes in the form of Herold, a young German soldier wanted for desertion during the final days of the Third Reich. But when he finds and dons a Nazi Captain’s uniform, everything changes. Suddenly Herold is ordering—and performing—sadistic acts of cruelty, and he finds a perverse attraction to the authoritarian power. Hollywood veteran Robert Schwentke (Red, The Time Traveler’s Wife) revisits his German roots with this true story, which is stunningly shot, darkly evocative, and universally resonant. We won’t lie to you, The Captain can be a rough watch, but also a rewarding one, finding a haunting way into the Nazi psyche without asking us for any sympathies. IN PERSON: Director Robert Schwentke (Sun).