2017 | USA | 26 min.
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Shorts: All the World's a Stage
Milliken at the Dennos Museum Thu, Jul 27, 2017 9:00 AM
The exits and entrances of the male and female players in this lighter program will amuse, inspire, and intrigue. The brilliantly simple premise of “Ten Meter Tower” is ingeniously executed and edited: set up a camera trained on the platform of a 10-meter diving tower, and watch what happens when people make their way up 33 feet of stairs and come face-to-face with peer pressure and survival instinct. In “Iron Hands,” a 12-year-old hoping to be the only girl accepted onto the Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team gets help from an unexpected quarter. And in “Tenure,” when a wife (Melissa Gilbert, “Little House on the Prairie”) faces a career crossroads that will change her marriage, she remembers some advice offered up by her husband (the film’s director and Gilbert’s real life husband Timothy Busfield, “The West Wing”). Scheduled to Appear: Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield.
Film Info
Section:Short Films
Release Year:2017
Runtime:26 min.
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Tim Busfield


A dramedy about a college professor, played by Melissa Gilbert, who wants to become a provost. Her husband, played by real life spouse and film director Timothy Busfield, is not as excited as she is about the idea.