2017 | USA | NR | 90 min.


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Film Info
Section:US Documentary
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Release Year:2017
Runtime:90 min.
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Greg Kohs
Produced by:Gary Krieg
Kevin Proudfoot
Josh Rosen
Cinematography:Greg Kohs
Editing By:Cindy Lee
Cast:Lee Sedol
Demis Hassabis
David Silver
Aja Huang
Fan Hui


If scientists are lucky, the work they do in cloistered labs might get presented at a conference. But once in a while, science takes the world stage, as it did in this fascinating doc about scientists testing the limits of rapidly-evolving AI technology. The engaging, brilliant team at London-based intelligence think tank DeepMind try to program a computer to beat Lee Sedol, the charming world champion of the ancient Chinese board game Go, long considered the holy grail for artificial intelligence. With its near-infinite number of possible outcomes, Go is exponentially more complex than chess. Because mastery of the game requires creativity, expert players and the AI community long believed we were at least a decade away from computers beating human Go players. You won’t know who to cheer for as DeepMind takes on Lee Sedol in a weeklong 2016 tournament in Seoul, with so much more at stake than just the million dollar prize.

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