Shorts: Love & Marriage & Baby Carriage

Program length: 89 min.
  • Madam BlackMadam Black
  • A Subway StoryA Subway Story
  • Ernestine & KitErnestine & Kit
  • A Teachable MomentA Teachable Moment
  • CurmudgeonsCurmudgeons
  • The TalkThe Talk
  • So Good to See YouSo Good to See You
  • The OrchestraThe Orchestra
  • PearPear
  • A Subway Story A Subway Story
  • A Teachable Moment A Teachable Moment
  • Curmudgeons Curmudgeons
  • Ernestine & Kit Ernestine & Kit
  • Madam Black Madam Black
  • Pearl Pearl
  • So Good to See You So Good to See You
  • The Orchestra The Orchestra
  • The Talk The Talk


The Buzz Sat, Jul 30, 2016 3:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Shorts Programs
Free Movies at the Buzz
Runtime:89 min.
Type of Film:Program


These hilarious and touching stories are about men, women, parents, children, and best friends, and the humor that comes from navigating these day-to-day relationships throughout life, from age seven to seventy-seven. Set in the family hatchback, “Pearl” tells the life story of a father and daughter using striking animation and music; Danny DeVito directs and stars in “Curmudgeons,” a story about two senior citizens whose relationship shocks their families; a big-hearted stranger turns an accidental pet death into a little girl’s adventure in “Madam Black;” two septuagenarians manifest their petty judgments of others into a darkly comical plan in “Ernestine & Kit;” and a father’s attempt to share a harsh reality with his daughter backfires uproariously in “The Talk.”

Included Shorts

Madam Black (11min) 2015 | New Zealand | 11 min. More
A Subway Story (5min) 2015 | USA | 5 min. More
Ernestine & Kit (11min) 2015 | UK | 11 min. More
A Teachable Moment (8min) 2016 | Canada | 8 min. More
Curmudgeons (16min) 2016 | USA | 16 min. More
The Talk (8min) 2016 | USA | 8 min. More
So Good to See You (9min) 2016 | USA | 9 min. More
The Orchestra (15min) 2015 | Australia | 15 min. More
Pearl (6min) 2016 | USA | 6 min. More