Noma: My Perfect Storm

2015 | UK | NR | 95 min.


City Opera House Sun, Jul 31, 2016 3:00 PM
Film Info
Section:The Sidebar: Food on Film
Release Year:2015
Runtime:95 min.
Production Country:UK
Original Language:Albanian
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Rene Redzepi
Director:Pierre Deschamps
Produced by:Etta Deschamps Thompson
Screenwriter:Pierre Deschamps
Cinematography:Pierre Deschamps
Editing By:Mike Brook


After winning the title of Best Restaurant in the World three out of four years in a row, some chefs would be happy to hang up their apron and call it a day. But Rene Redzepi is no ordinary chef, and his famed Copenhagen restaurant Noma didn’t land on top of Restaurant magazine’s list by resting on its laurels. After the Nordic chef is dethroned in 2013 (see “Cooking Up a Tribute”)—a humiliating defeat for the proud chef—Pierre Deschamps followed Redzepi’s determined attempts to reclaim the title. Deschamps explores the personal and creative influences that drive Redzepi forward, and captures Noma’s groundbreaking food—essentially edible art—in exquisite detail, with lush cinematography. Warning: do not watch on an empty stomach; “Noma” will leave you searching for the next cheap flight to Denmark. Food on Film Participating Chefs: James Bloomfield, Alliance; Andy Hollyday, Selden Standard; Eric Patterson, The Cooks’ House. .