The Last Reel

2014 | Cambodia | NR | 106 min.


Milliken at the Dennos Museum Wed, Jul 27, 2016 6:00 PM
State Theatre Fri, Jul 29, 2016 3:00 PM
Bijou by the Bay Sat, Jul 30, 2016 11:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Foreign Official Selection: Narrative
Release Year:2014
Runtime:106 min.
Production Country:Cambodia
Original Language:Khmer
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Rous Mony
Ma Rynet
Dy Saveth
Hun Sophy
Sok Sothun
Director:Kulikar Sotho
Produced by:Ian Masters
Murray Pope
Kulikar Sotho
Screenwriter:Ian Masters
Ian Masters
Cinematography:Bonnie Elliott
Editing By:Katie Flaxman


A young woman in Phnom Penh is irresistibly drawn to an old man in a broken down cinema. Why does he play the same film over and over? Why is the last reel of the film missing? What happens at the end of the story? And why does the film’s romantic lead actress look just like her? The shocking answers to these questions lead her to a decision: she will remake the last reel herself, directing and acting in the lead role—if the developer who bought the theater doesn’t turn it into condos first. This movie, made by the first Cambodian woman to direct a narrative feature since 1970, has everything we love: historic cinemas, derring-do, female filmmakers, mystery, love, and romance. We laughed, we cried, we wanted to watch it all over again as soon as the final frame hit the screen. Do not miss this top pick of the festival.