Heart of a Dog

2015 | France, USA | NR | 75 min.


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Film Info
Section:Avant Garde
Release Year:2015
Runtime:75 min.
Type of Film:Feature Documentary
Production Country:France
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Jason Berg
Heung-Heung Chin
Bob Currie
Paul Davidson
Director:Laurie Anderson
Produced by:Laurie Anderson
Dan Janvey
Screenwriter:Laurie Anderson
Cinematography:Laurie Anderson
Toshiaki Ozawa
Joshua Zucker-Pluda
Editing By:Melody London
Katherine Nolfi


Love, loss, and the powerful bond between humans and dogs are at the heart of Laurie Anderson’s spellbinding autobiographical documentary. Inventively moving between surreal animation, ethereal footage, and abstract imagery, “Heart of a Dog” is a home movie of sorts—if home movies were crafted of songs, dreams, and memories. Anderson’s masterful storytelling skills are exquisitely deployed as she contemplates life in post-9/11 New York and the deaths of her beloved piano-playing rat terrier Lolabelle, the mother who showed her love only once in her life, and her late husband Lou Reed, who surfaces fleetingly, like a ghost. Featuring music composed by both Anderson and Reed, this impressionistic meditation on love, memory, language, and loss is lyrically and wholly human.