Tangerines (Mandariinid)


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Film Info
Release Year:2013
Runtime:87 min.
Production Country:Estonia
Original Language:Estonian
Web Site:http://allfilm.ee/en/filmid/tangerines/
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Lembit Ulfsak
Misha Meskhi
Giorgi Nakashidze
Elmo Nüganen
Raivo Trass
Director:Zaza Urushadze
Produced by:Ivo Felt
Zaza Urushadze
Screenwriter:Zaza Urushadze
Cinematography:Rein Kotov
Editing By:Alexander Kuranov
Music By:Niaz Diassamidze


Zaza Urushadze’s deftly humorous and humanist fable tells the story of Ivo, who makes wooden crates in his workshop to contain the harvest from his neighbor Margus’ tangerine grove. Then one day, a skirmish in the civil war between former Soviet countries leaves two wounded survivors on Ivo’s doorstep: Achmed, a Chechen, and Nika, a Georgian. Ivo calmly declares his home a neutral zone and takes them in, after extracting promises that no bloodshed will occur under his roof. Initially the soliders are hell-bent on killing one another once they’ve recovered, but forced cohabitation brings an unforeseen humanizing effect. How long the peace will last is a question elegantly considered in this deeply pacifist drama, as tense as any thriller. Nominated for the 2015 Best Foreign Film Oscar.