Indian Point


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Film Info
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Release Year:2015
Runtime:94 min.
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Gregory Jaczko
Brian Vangor
Phillip Musegaas
Marilyn Elie
Roger Witherspoon
Director:Julie Goldman
Ivy Meeropol
Produced by:Steve Heffner
Screenwriter:Ivy Meeropol
Cinematography:Rob Featherstone
Daniel B. Gold
Brett Wiley
Editing By:Steve Heffner
Music By:Nathan Halpern
Chris Ruggiero


Nestled on the Hudson River just north of New York City, in close proximity to 50 million people, sits the Indian Point nuclear power plant. It has operated for over 50 years and provides electricity to two million homes. Ask its engineers, and they’ll tell you the plant is safe, with every precaution taken and every regulation followed. Ask the vocal anti-nuclear contingent who sit in on US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) meetings, and they’ll remind you of the devastation caused by the earthquake that brought down Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant. Director Ivy Meeropol takes full advantage of access to the plant to present understandable science and a multitude of perspectives on Indian Point, including Gregory Jaczko, former chairman of the NRC. This powerful film is essential viewing for all of us living in countries powered by nuclear energy.