The Great Dictator


Film Info
Section:Open Space
Release Year:1940
Runtime:125 min.
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Charles Chaplin
Jack Oakie
Reginald Gardiner
Henry Daniell
Billy Gilbert
Grace Hayle
Director:Charles Chaplin
Produced by:Charles Chaplin
Carter DeHaven
Screenwriter:Charles Chaplin
Cinematography:Karl Struss
Roland Totheroh
Editing By:Willard Nico
Harold Rice
Music By:Charles Chaplin
Meredith Wilson


Long before “The Interview” courted controversy for lampooning a living despot, Hollywood’s biggest star made its first great political satire by fearlessly going after Hitler and fascism, years before the US even entered WWII. In Charlie Chaplin’s first true talkie, he sends a message loud and clear, playing the dual roles of a brutal and loony tyrant and a genial Jewish barber who are mistaken for one another. This savagely funny magnum opus seamlessly balances touching romance, real tragedy, and slapstick comedy, climaxing in one of cinema’s most indelible moments: Chaplin’s famous speech in which the artifice of the movies stops for a moment and humanity breaks through with an impassioned plea for tolerance. We are honored to have Geraldine Chaplin on hand to present her father’s bravest and most stirring work on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. In Person: Geraldine Chaplin.