Digging for Fire

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Elk Rapids Cinema Tue, Jul 21, 2015 7:00 PM
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Release Year:2015
Runtime:85 min.
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Jane Adams
Steve Berg
Mike Birbiglia
Orlando Bloom
Tom Bower
Rosemarie DeWitt
Director:Joe Swanberg
Produced by:Jake Johnson
Joe Swanberg
Alicia Van Couvering
Screenwriter:Jake Johnson
Joe Swanberg
Cinematography:Ben Richardson
Editing By:Joe Swanberg
Music By:Dan Romer


Prolific indie auteur Joe Swanberg (“Drinking Buddies,” “V/H/S”) has assembled another fantasy indie hangout crew—including Jake Johnson, Sam Rockwell, Sam Elliott, Chris Messina, Mike Birbiglia, Anna Kendrick, and Brie Larson—to offer up his most polished and mainstream film yet. Lee (Rosemarie DeWitt) and Tim (Jake Johnson) are parents on the verge of a nervous breakdown, bickering while they housesit for one of Tim’s wealthy clients. Tim putters around the property instead of doing the taxes, and accidentally turns up a rusty old pistol and what could be a bone from a human arm or leg, setting him off on a reckless quest towards a macabre discovery. Exasperated, Lee decides to spend a weekend at her mother’s house, and ends up cruising on a motorcycle with a dashing stranger (Orlando Bloom). Backed by an alternately wistful and thumping synth-driven score courtesy of Dan Romer (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”), “Digging for Fire” is a bewitching dissection of happiness and unhappiness in love.