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Film Info
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Release Year:2014
Runtime:110 min.
Production Country:South Korea
Original Language:Korean
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Yum Jung-Ah
Moon Jeong-Hee
Kim Young-Ae
Kim Gang-Woo
Hwang Jung-Min
Chun Woo-Hee
Director:Boo Ji-Young
Produced by:Shim Jaime
Screenwriter:Kim Kyung-Chan
Cinematography:Kim Woo-Hyung
Editing By:Kim Sang-Bum
Kim Jae-Bum


Based on a true story, this stirring Korean drama tells the David-vs-Goliath tale of a group of women who band together to protest the unjust labor practices of a Walmart-eqsue big box retail store after being fired from their part-time positions. Just before getting the promotion promised to her, mother of two and part-time cashier Sun-hee is abruptly laid off, along with hundreds of other workers—via text message, no less—when the company decides to outsource their jobs. Sun-hee turns from shy worker bee to passionate protest leader as the company’s core of female workers rally to fight against their unfair termination and expose the corporation’s mistreatment of its workers. “Cart” is an empowering social justice drama, a testament to ordinary people’s ability to rise up and fight injustice.