Breaking a Monster


State Theatre Thu, Jul 30, 2015 9:00 PM
Dr. Brian Klym and Lori Ann Klym
Old Town Playhouse Fri, Jul 31, 2015 9:00 PM
Candy & Jim Brody
Film Info
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Release Year:2015
Runtime:93 min.
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Web Site:
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Malcolm Brickhouse
Jared Dawkins
Alec Atkins
Alan Sacks
Noreen Jackson
Produced by:Brad Turner
Screenwriter:Luke Meyer
Brad Turner
Cinematography:Ethan Palmer
Hillary Spera
Editing By:Brad Turner
Music By:Unlocking the Truth


Quick: name your favorite tween African-American heavy metal band. Stumped? Next time you’ll be able to namedrop the up-and-coming trio Unlocking the Truth. While their peers were listening to hip hop, these quirky kids found themselves attracted to rock music. Director Luke Meyer documents the astonishing story of baby-faced Brooklyn rockers Alec Atkins, Malcolm Brickhouse, and Jarad Dawkins as they set out to prove they are more than a novelty act, advancing from viral video sensations to the youngest band to ever play at Coachella. Despite dealing with the high-stakes pressures of a million dollar record deal, and a music industry intent on taking control of their lives and music, these are just kids who want to play. In Person: Director Luke Meyer; Producer Tom Davis; Unlocking the Truth.