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  • Maigc PianoMaigc Piano
  • DamnedDamned
  • ErnestoErnesto
  • Floyd the AndroidFloyd the Android
  • The Girl and the FoxThe Girl and the Fox
  • Kahanikar - The StorytellerKahanikar - The Storyteller
  • A Martian PicnicA Martian Picnic
  • Mouse for SaleMouse for Sale
  • A Martian Picnic A Martian Picnic
  • Damned Damned
  • Ernesto Ernesto
  • Floyd the Android Floyd the Android
  • Kahanikar - The Storyteller Kahanikar - The Storyteller
  • Magic Piano Magic Piano
  • Mouse for Sale Mouse for Sale
  • The Girl and the Fox The Girl and the Fox


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Section:Kids Fest
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Runtime:75 min


A perennial favorite of Kids Fest programming, our collection of short films from all over the world this year features the 25-minute masterwork “Magic Piano,” about a young girl named Anna whose father is forced to leave her in Warsaw with her aunt so he can go to London in search of work. While trying to hide from her annoying cousin Chip-Chip, she discovers a magic piano in a garbage pile that transports them over the ocean through stormy weather to a safe harbor. Shortlisted for an Oscar, “Magic Piano” is one in a series of shorts set to Chopin’s études. This year’s shorts also introduce us to a frenetic beaver, a life-saving fox, Martians having a picnic, a mouse who wants a friend, and everyone’s favorite Android, Floyd. Appropriate for all ages. In English.


Damned Richard Phelan | 2011 | UK | 8 min.


Ernesto Corinne Ladeinde | 2011 | UK | 7 min.


Floyd the Android Jonathan Lyons | 2011 | USA | 4 min.


The Girl and the Fox Tyler J. Kupferer | 2011 | USA | 6 min.


Kahanikar - The Storyteller Nandita Jain | 2011 | UK | 11 min.


Magic Piano Martin Clapp | 2011 | China, Norway, Poland | 30 min.


A Martian Picnic Patrick Neary | 2012 | USA | 6 min.


Mouse for Sale Wouter Bongaerts | 2010 | Belgium | 5 min.


Included Shorts

A Martian Picnic (6min) More
Damned (8min) More
Ernesto (7min) More
Floyd the Android (4min) More
The Girl and the Fox (6min) More
Magic Piano (30min) More
Mouse for Sale (5min) More
Kahanikar - The Storyteller (11min) More

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