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Panel | Come to the Doc Side
Has there ever been a year when we’ve needed such a massive dose of nonfiction to counteract the boatload of crazy confronting us? Do we even need to state the obvious? What the hell is going on? We kick off the first full day of the festival with our popular documentary panel featuring a slew of nonfiction filmmakers who have nothing to lose by spilling the beans on all the madness. Hosted by TCFF head honcho/doco-Zapata Michael Moore.
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Panel | Men Make Movies - The Struggle Continues
We’ve all heard the stories about how hard it is for men to get their movies made in Hollywood. Far too often, studio executives turn a deaf ear to worthwhile films full of car chases and things that explode, and coming-of-age screenplays are rejected for their “over-sensitivity” to what boys have to go through to make their voices heard. Our panel will feature the few token men who made it here this year with their excellent films—and we expect a lively exchange about the struggles they’ve endured. A once-in-a-lifetime TCFF panel.
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Panel | One-on-One
Traditionally, on festival Sunday, Michael Moore sits down with a filmmaking legend for a candid conversation about a storied career lived in the movies. Stay tuned for an announcement about the next luminary who will join the ranks of Wim Wenders, Susan Sarandon, Michael Apted, Paul Feig, and Roger Corman!
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Panel | The Comedy Panel
Because there’s nothing a little laughter can’t fix, join directors Sophie Goodheart (“My Blind Brother”), Logan Kibbens (“Operator”), Timothy Busfield (“One Smart Fellow”), and Ryland Aldrich (“Folk Hero & Funny Guy”), along with comedians Doug Benson and Geoff Tate, as they offer up wisecracks, witticisms, humor, and repartee, and explore the funny business of making comedy. This panel is a cherished festival tradition. We promise you’ll leave happier than you were when you entered!
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Panel | Who Let the Women In?
Please arrive early to get your seat for this historic summit of the female filmmakers behind some of the year’s most amazing and brilliant films. These incredible directors will discuss how they do what they do, and what has to change so that we can see more of them do it. The revolution has to start somewhere—so why not on a Friday morning in Traverse City?
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