Short Narratives
  • Setup, Punch.
  • The Arm Reach
  • Dotty
  • Oh Willy...
  • Peach Juice
  • The River
  • Talking Dog for Sale, 10 Euros
City Opera HouseSat, Aug 3, 2013 12:00 PM
Sponsored by The Hollander Family in Honor of Stuart J. Hollander
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Film Info
Section:Shorts Programs
Runtime:100 min.
Type of Film:Program
Featuring a mix of live-action and animation, these eight festival favorite fiction shorts from around the globe skew towards the absurd and the hilarious. In “Setup, Punch,” Elijah Wood stars as a standup comic putting on the most daring act of his life alongside Alia Shawkat, and “RPG OKC” finds two 8-bit video game characters entering the weird world of online dating. Willy returns to his naturalist roots and goes on an epic pantsless journey of self-discovery in “Oh Willy…” and there’s nothing like a dip in “The River” on a hot summer day.

The Arm Reach Hyung-Gon Lee | South Korea | 2013 | 14 min.
Dotty Mick Andrews, Brett O'Gorman | New Zealand | 2012 | 11 min.
Oh Willy... Emma De Swaef, Marc J. Roels | Belgium, France, Netherlands | 2012 | 18 min.
Peach Juice Callum Paterson, Brian Lye, Nathan Gilliss | Canada | 2012 | 8 min.
The River Sam Handel | USA | 2013 | 12 min.
RPG OKC Emily Carmichael | USA | 2013 | 10 min.
Setup, Punch David Schlussel | USA | 2013 | 19 min.
Talking Dog for Sale, 10 Euros Lewis-Martin Soucy | France, Spain | 2012 | 8 min.
Included Shorts
The Arm Reach (15min) More
Dotty (11min) More
Oh Willy... (18min) More
Peach Juice (8min) More
The River (12min) More
RPG OKC (10min) More
Setup, Punch (19min) More
Talking Dog for Sale, 10 Euros (Se vende perro que habla, 10 euros) (8min) More