Short Documentaries 2
  • The Rider and the Storm
  • Flutter
  • Irish Folk Furniture
  • Jujitsu-ing Reality
  • Marcel, King of Tervuren
  • Primate Cinema
  • Unravel
  • We Will Live Again
Old Town PlayhouseFri, Aug 2, 2013 3:00 PM
Sponsored by Old Mission Traders
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Film Info
Section:Shorts Programs
Runtime:93 min.
Type of Film:Program
Featuring personal profiles and a captivating panorama of the world we live in, these eight mesmerizing documentaries include: “We Will Live Again,” a morbidly fascinating look at two men who run a cryogenics facility; “Primate Cinema,” a hybrid documentary that observes how some of man’s closest animal relatives interact with video recordings; and “The Rider and the Storm,” a moving film about a Freedom Tower ironworker who lost everything to a fire during Hurricane Sandy and who finds new hope in his community. Filmmakers scheduled to attend.

Flutter Dara Bratt | Canada, USA, Vietnam | 2013 | 9 min.
Irish Folk Furniture Tony Donoghue | Ireland | 2012 | 8 min.
Jujitsu-ing Reality Chetin Chabuk | USA | 2012 | 17 min.
Marcel, King of Tervuren Tom Schroeder | USA | 2012 | 6 min.
Primate Cinema: Apes as Family Rachel Mayeri | USA, UK | 2012 | 12 min.
The Rider and The Storm David Darg, Bryn Mooser | USA | 2013 | 15 min.
Unravel Meghna Gupta | UK, India | 2012 | 14 min.
We Will Live Again Myles Kane, Josh Koury | USA | 2013 | 13 min.
Included Shorts
Flutter (9min) More
Irish Folk Furniture (9min) More
Jujitsu-ing Reality (17min) More
Marcel, King of Tervuren (6min) More
Primate Cinema: Apes as Family (12min) More
The Rider and The Storm (15min) More
Unravel (14min) More
We Will Live Again (13min) More