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Film School | Crowdfunding & Community-Based Filmmaking
While the film industry resides primarily in Los Angeles, cheaper high-quality cameras, crowdfunding websites, and online distribution have made regional filmmaking a reality. Using the Michigan-based films “Consideration” and “Destined” as case studies, this session will look at strategies for raising money, building an audience, and fostering collaborations in order to create a sustainable indie filmmaking community right here in Michigan.
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Film School | Exploring Music in Film
Join one of the composers on the team behind “Family Guy” for a unique interactive discussion covering music in film. From its roots in the silent film era to modern film soundtracks, we’ll take a journey through time and also learn what goes into creating the musical score for a film. You may even get to try out your skills as a composer!
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Film School | Green Screen Workshop
With advanced compositing capabilities at your fingertips, the depths of the ocean and the heights of Mars can be the backdrop for your next movie. This workshop will examine how green screen technology can be used to unleash the imagination. Cinematography and acting techniques will be explored-discover the best way to create something out of nothing.
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Film School | Larry Charles Master Class
TCFF Board Member Larry Charles will share his new short film, “I Can’t Go On,” a years-in-the-making personal passion project about comedian and television writer Adam Leslie. The screening will be followed by a characteristically funny lesson in the serious business of filmmaking from the guy who brought you the blockbuster hits “Borat” and “The Dictator.”
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Film School | Lights, Camera, Act!
One of the most popular film school classes is back with a new spin. What makes movies unique on the level of performance is the symbiotic relationship between the camera and the actor. At their best, they dance together, intimately. It’s no different than a stage actor “finding their light,” or opening to the audience, but it’s a more subtle dance with the camera. This workshop will investigate the actor/camera relationship and how it’s affected by the editing process.
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Film School | Persistent Struggle: The Politics & Art of Black Film
From the early 20th century “race films” of black filmmaking pioneer Oscar Micheaux to the Oscarwinning “12 Years a Slave,” black filmmaking and black representation in American cinema have required persistent struggle. This workshop will encourage discussion of the history of African-American cinema, of various black film movements, and of the presence— or lack thereof—of African Americans in cinema, using film clips from classic cinema, little known gems, and contemporary works.
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